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Power Plates Faq

What is power plates?

The Power-Plate is a vibrating platform using a technology called “Acceleration Training” to transmit waves of energy throughout the body. It moves on the three different planes of motion, challenging the body to maintain balance, strengthening the muscles and supporting muscles and connective tissues.

By performing simple exercises (bicep curls, lunges, squats and such) on a vibrating platform your body gets in shape easily and quickly.

The Power-Plate has been found to decrease cellulite, and increases bone mineral density.

What are the benefits of a power plate machine?

Strengthens muscles in less time

With the Power Plate it is possible to have a full workout in just 15-20 min. The vibration causes muscles to contract and relax as the body attempts to maintain balance.   As this happens at such a rapid pace, the body builds muscle tone and density.

The variety of vibrations at different intensities keeps the body needing to react, making the muscle quickly gain strength. Because of this, Power Plate rehabilitation is becoming very popular, as it can decrease the recovery time as the muscles build more quickly.

Can power plates increase metabolism and help to burn fat?

As muscles require more calories to be maintained, the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism.

Can power plates help improve blood circulation and immune function?

The high levels at which muscles contract increases blood circulation and stimulates the lymph glands. Increased flow of lymph fluid through your body increases the immune function of the body.

Do the power plates vibrations help with stronger bones?

Studies have found that the vibrations can help in increasing bone mineral density.

One study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise stated that “vibrations helped increasing lumbar bone mineral density and leg strength in women”.

Do power plates help with production of helpful hormones ?

With whole body vibrations, your body produces increased levels of Human Growth Hormones. These hormones help in repairing and regenerating damaged muscles and bone tissues.

Vibration therapy also has been shown to help reduce the production of Cortisol, which is a hormone that is responsible for Stress and produces hormones like Serotonin that is responsible for the feelings of well-being and happiness. This explains the better sleep resulting after they have a workout session with the Power-Plate Machine.

Repose Studio Faq

What do I wear?

Comfortable fitness clothes and trainers

How long do I have to use a block of classes?

Usually three months form date of purchase

Do I have to be a specific fitness level to join a class?

No, the beauty of our classes is that you can work at your own pace to suit your fitness ability and our instructors are on hand to guide you.  You will work within a class and to your own potential and options on exercises will be given if you don’t feel able/comfortable with particular sequences.

Do you have a shower?

Yes and we have towels and a shower to use anytime.

Do you have a water fountain?

We sell bottled water or you can fill refill bottles.

What should I do if I feel nervous to start my exercise journey?

Everyone feels nervous at the beginning. Speak to one of our friendly and qualified team members, we want to know! We’re here to help you.

How far in advance do I need to cancel a class ?

Two hours, this can be done easily via our ClubRight app - click here to go there

What does join waitlist mean ?

If you wish to join a particular class and its already booked you can opt to go on the wait list and we’ll let you know straightaway if anyone cancels and a space becomes available.

How quickly will I see results ?

You will feel and see results quickly if you exercise regularly.  We recommend 2 to 3 times per week for six weeks and you will create a new pattern of exercise and wellbeing.

What are people like at Repose Studio ?

We pride ourselves on being welcoming and friendly.  We have a range of clients-different ages, abilities, backgrounds and interests.  There is no place for cliques and gossip in our studio, everyone is unique and welcome at Repose.  It’s our happy and vibrant space and we want everyone to feel that too. Whether you’re training for the marathon or haven’t trained for years use that’s or this is your first experience of studio exercise – you are welcome.  Other clients will welcome you too because that’s what we’re about.  You will find your vibe and make new friends at Repose.

The majority of our clients are women but we love our male members too!